Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Mathys saw problems within the world of charitable organizations and is working on eliminating these problems and helping the organizations forward with his organization Kinder. Like moving away from feeding your guilt and using positive drivers instead.

How do you unf*ck the world, Mathys?

If you want to fix a big problem you need to understand all the stakeholders involved. So get in your helicopter and observe the things that drive them, the things they do great and the things they screw up. Then slowly start to think about the ideal situation and develop a strategy to innovate or disrupt the ecosystem.

I as of 2017 focus on the broken chains within the charitable space. There I see a few trends:

1. People don’t trust charitable organisations anymore although more and more the next generations are looking for purpose.

2. People find it really hard to choose because they are bombarded with bad news all day.

3. Charities are struggling with fundraising and spend so much time on this instead of being focussed on the impact of their organization.

4. Charities with the best intentions to do good can often do good better.

With my social enterprise 'Kinder' we are fixing all these problems. Based on our academic vetting framework, we research charities on their organizational competence. we benchmark the data and do two things with the results:

1. We empower global concerned citizens and brands to contribute effectively to a kinder world.

2. We lift the charitable ecosystem by feeding the data back to the researched organizations and help them improve.

In the long run helping people make more effective donations and lifestyle choices, and helping organizations becoming more impact-driven.

Great work you do with Kinder, what is the biggest impact you've reached/ made so far?

Although we are not officially launched yet, many corporate foundations, brands and consultancy firms want to use our data, and already twenty charitable organizations are using their own benchmarked results to improve themselves.

If you want to fix a big problem you need to understand all the stakeholders involved.

What was your personal motivation to start this business?

My motivation was the combination of personal frustrations with the sector and the learning from sponsoring over forty charitable organizations with my other company (Tag The Love). The way charities all use the same tricks to raise funds makes me mad. They feed your guilt when the sign you up and when you try to leave, instead of using positive drivers to let you engage with them and their cause. But most importantly, because the lack of accountability, they are not driven to impact and internal improvements. They can get away with bad decisions and mediocre results, simply because they live of gifted funds.

How do you unf*ck things on a personal level?

I ofter prefer conflicts over keeping peace and harmony. Sometimes break the vase instead of glueing it together again. But to unf*ck things I, again, try to look at the situation from all perspectives and then try to come up with compelling arguments to win... or if that is not an option come to a good compromise for all the people involved ;)

Which super heroes do you think we need to unf*ck things a little faster?

We need Robin Hoods. Who render old powers inefficient and replace these with new planet positive currencies.

What is your guilty unsustainable pleasure?

Me and my family have cut down on meat consumption very rigorously, but once a month I can’t resist ordering Spare Ribs.

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

Max is our first official ambassador. Hurray! This incredibly good looking multi talent does not only bring joy to the eyes, so he does to the ears with his music. On top of that he skates, surfs and is looking to inspire his audience to live more consciously. Enough reason to read on and learn more about this Amsterdam based 'dude who does good'.

Max with his Wasteboard skateboard - Photo by Nikki Schuurman Photography

So, who is Max?

People could see me as a Performing Artist, Songwriter, Music Industry Professional, Skateboarder/Surfer and a Lifer. A “Lifer” in my eyes is someone who chases their dreams and holds on to them no matter what happens. I am a very ambitious person who believes that anyone can achieve anything, as long as you stay down to earth, humble and open for other people and experiences to learn from. The last couple of years I’ve been working very hard to develop my own brand, using platforms like Instagram to tell a story and take my followers along my musical and professional journey. I hope that I can inspire people with my lifestyle and my passions. It’s also very important to me to let people know that everyone can be exactly who they want to be. Next to having my own company in the music industry I am still studying. I am currently in the 3rd year of my Bachelor International Music Management.

It breaks my heart to see how we, as the human race, treat our planet. that’s the biggest reason why I want to start joining forces with brands like turtles&trees

What made you want to become a turtles&trees ambassador?

Now, after a couple of years of working very hard to build up a career in the creative industry, I realized that it’s time to take my personal brand, my voice, my stage, my audience and use it to address issues that are important to me. I’ve always been attracted and fascinated by nature, the sea, the woods, the dunes... I can’t live without them and my respect to mother nature goes a long way. This is also why a lot of my music is inspired by nature and why I use it a lot as a theme in my songs. It breaks my heart to see how we, as the human race, treat our planet. That’s the biggest reason why I want to start joining forces with brands like turtles&trees, to inspire people about that there are many choices you can make and that there are alternatives to (for example) fast fashion. I want to show people that you can do good things in a badass way!

Photo by Rachel Ecckestone Photography

How do you unfuck the world?

This question really helps me to start looking at myself in a critical way; So, Max what the hell are you doing to Unfuck the world? Well, first and foremost I believe that you first need to have a solid ground beneath your feet in order to start unfucking something else. First unfuck yourself before you can unfuck the world. I highly believe that unfucking the world starts with the little things like picking up plastic when you’re walking on the beach (or wherever you walk) and act when you see other people throwing things on the ground or into water. This summer I used my stage, the time during my performances on festivals and during my tour to address people to start acting in these small but powerful ways. I tell my audience to start acting in small ways and that every small action can make a big difference. Don’t throw things on the ground or in the water, be aware of the consequences of your actions and start doing things on an individual basis that can make a change on a local level. Start small but dream big. It all starts with awareness; I think that the reason the world is not acting hard enough on important issues is simply because so many people in the world are not aware enough…

Max and Max

What is your dream for the future?

So, if you’ve read the previous question it is obvious that there is a lot more that I can do to unfuck the world. But there are plans to make this happen. I just launched a new project with my best friend, my brother from another mother, my soulmate, which is called “The Pirate Brothers”. His name is also Max and he is an Environmental Designer who creates products that stimulate the nature around these products. We are both skateboarders/ surfers/ musicians and we share the same passion and love for nature. Our dream is the following: we want to have a van that functions as a riding stage but also as a workplace where we can create products from collected plastic during a beach clean up for example. We want to use music/ art and extreme sports to address and attack these important issues.

One of the concepts that we are working on is a beach clean-up concert. We organize a beach-cleanup and everybody that signs up and volunteers gets a ticket to a private concert and me and the other Max will make small souvenirs from all the collected plastic from the clean-up. This is one of the concepts that we’re working on. My overall dream is to join forces with brands/ artists and other organizations to stimulate positive change on a local and international level and inspire people to start acting on urging issues. I want to use my love and passion for art/ music and extreme sports to connect with people all over the world and spread awareness to make change happen.

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Tom just came back from Iraq. Alone, after 8 months, and with a huge duffel bag. Enough reason for some serious questioning by customs. Turns out, Tom is actually doing awesome work for Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF/ Doctors Without Borders). After Sierra Leone, South Sudan and Iraq, he's soon off to Myanmar for a new mission.

How do you unfuck the world, Tom?

There is a personal level on which I try to make better decisions, but most of the impact I try to make with my work for MSF. I worked on HR and finances in the past locations, soon I will go on my fourth mission to Myanmar where I will be working as Base Responsible.

What sparked your interest to work for an organization like this?

It pretty much started in 2015 when the big floods of refugees started to come in. I was living in The Netherlands and was running my own sports business. When this crisis hit I felt like I wanted to contribute something but I wasn't sure what exactly. With friends I went to Calais in order to see for ourselves what was going on there. We spoke to many refugees, saw under which circumstances they were living and decided to do something for them. So we started the initiative: Doneer Je Deken. At festivals we collected many tents, sleeping bags and blankets, and people donated them from different parts of the country as well. We managed to collect a lot. This way we could do something for the people suffering in the camps. This sparked that I wanted to contribute more. That this was the direction i wanted to go in.

I am just a very small part of a big operation. Which is both exciting and disillusioning. Exciting because I know the organization does great work. Disillusioning because despite of all our efforts, the places where I go might actually be more wrecked when I leave then when i arrived.

What is it that you love most about your work for MSF?

I really believe in the work they do. Now, after working with them for 2 years, I can truly say that I believe that they are an honest organization. It is clear where the money donated is going towards, and it is an organization that takes a stand. They speak out when there is something happening somewhere that is not acceptable. Also, I like that I am part of something bigger. When I was working for Doneer je Deken, we were a very small team and it turned out to be very difficult to maintain the initiative as a side project next to our jobs. It took a lot of time and energy to do the work we wanted to do, and on top of that find ways to finance it. With my work for MSF I know the impact we are having. It is an ongoing project. I am just a very small part of a big operation. Which is both exciting and disillusioning. Exciting because I know the organization does great work. Disillusioning because despite of all our efforts, the places where I go might actually be more wrecked when I leave then when I arrived.

Has your work for the organization changed your view of the world?

It has. Exactly because of what I said about that it can be disillusioning. When being in The Netherlands we might feel that things are changing for the better. More people are becoming aware of the environmental impact we have, more people starting up beautiful initiatives. But then I see very different places in the world too. Places where there are big groups of people without a voice. Being discriminated, hated on, people without a place to go. I believe that overall, we, as humanity, are not moving in the right direction. Although of course this is a sad thing to conclude, it doesn't mean that I stop trying to be part of the change in the right direction. It motivates me even more to do the work I am doing.

Every 3 months you have to leave the mission to take a break. Go on holidays, see the family, your girlfriend. How is that switching between such very different worlds?

That is actually pretty easy. Precisely because they are such different worlds. When I am on a break I have my 'normal' life in which I plan my days myself. In which I see friends and family, do sports, go on holidays. When I am on a mission, my days are planned for me. I am fully there and I never have to question myself why I am there, what I am doing. The conflicts are so obvious, and the work very clear. For me it doesn't feel like switching within one life, it feels like having two paralel lives.

For people interested in working with MSF as well, what would you like to tell them?

You got to have a very strong intrinsic motivation to do this work. With your own social impact initiative or business, you usually get a lot of recognition. With working with an organization like MSF it's nothing like that. You don't get patted on the shoulder that you're doing good work. You, yourself, have to believe in the work you are doing. If so, you will find a lot of satisfaction in the work you will be doing.

We know that no one is perfect. Not even you, Tom. So tell us, what is your guilty pleasure?

Haha well, I get seduced by pretty things. When I am on a mission I live with very little. I don't buy anything, I don't miss anything. But when I am back in a city with shopping streets, I can find myself longing for some new stuff. Especially outdoor gear, that is my sweet spot. I love the outdoors life and I can convince myself that I will definitely need this specific new tool or jacket for camping.

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