turtles&trees is in your face and on the edge. creating eco stuff that makes you think deeper and look better.
from every sale a donation goes towards ngo's that we think deserve to be supported. we love sharing the stories of people who inspire us to be better humans.

turtles&trees creates products that tell stories to inspire change. regarding social issues, our environment or generally being a bareable human. we were born out of the frustration that many earth friendly products look cute. we were looking for bad ass looking stuff that wouldn't look out of place at a skatepark or biker club.


we try to be as responsible as possible. do you know a better alternative or have a great idea for us? let us know! we're in permanent beta.


we work with white label brand STANLEY/STELLA for our t-shirts and bags. simply because they know how to make clothes in a responsable manner and have a wide range of certifications. for their eco-friendly products that get produced responsibly in Bangladesh


our products get printed in Utrecht, The Netherlands at Katoenfabriek. they are very experienced in eco-friendly printing with water based ink. what we love about them as well is that they integrate a sustainable approach in every aspect of their business.

important values
slow fashion

we believe that fashion and other products unfortunately have an enormous negative impact on our environment. we urge you to only buy new products in case you really need them. that is why we offer alternatives to buying new products, so that you can reuse and upcycle stuff that you already have. buy an illustration to print on your favorite old t-shirts or get stickers to make your water bottle look cooler. for example. we'd love to see what you come up with!


don't you like your stuff anymore? gift it, pimp it, and as a last resort: recycle it.

instant gratification sucks

we think that people's lack of patience is one of the root problems of the situation we find ourselves in. we get that you need to eat when you're hungry, but we're pretty sure you won't starve from not having your t-shirt within 24 hours. 

we promise it will be worth the wait.

aim to be awesome

with everything we do we try to do the best we can. wether this is regarding where we print our t-shirts, how we communicate with clients or our general world vision. we believe people should be free to express themselves and that we should treat all beings with respect, love and care. 

we are learning as we go, so we are nowhere near perfect, but we are trying to do the best we can and are open for feedback and collaborations.

manon michelle monhemius

founder of turtles&trees

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unfuck the world together

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