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Ehab is on a mission: changing the way young Egyptians see the world. Inspring them through his festival AltShift in Cairo, Egypt.

How do you unfuck the world?

With Ouishare Egypt (Ouishare is an international non-profit think-tank focusing on collaborative economy and digital transformation. Ouishare helps companies and institutions to innovate threw new business models and platform thinking.) we organize the annual AltShift Festival in Cairo. The first edition last year was the first waste-free festival for critical thinking of its kind in the region. We believe that we need an Alternative Shift where we come together to ask critical questions and work together on the answers. We created AltShift Festival, a three-day cross-disciplinary event, as a safe place free of egos where change makers can connect, experiment, and work together on the complex challenge of our time. With openness and care.

What made you decide to bring the globally active Ouishare to Egypt?

From a personal perspective, because Ouishare changed the way I see the world and how I do business. It changed my values. This was something I wanted to bring to Egypt, especially because our population exists of nearly 60 million young people who I would like to inspire with a different way of seeing the things. There is a hot tech scene in Egypt, but all from a capitalist approach. It’s time for a shift in perspective and to take the focus from tech for tech to tech for impact.

Although there has not been a major shift yet, I see a growing number of individuals and a small number of organizations which seek change.

What impact have you seen so far?

Although there has not been a major shift yet, I see a growing number of individuals and a small number of organizations which seek change. With Ouishare we aim to bring these people together in order for them to join forces and inspire others.

What is your story? How did you decide to become a good guy?

I used to work for corporates. All with the sickness of just aiming for monetary benefits. I was not aware of something like the shared economy. Up until I heard about Airbnb in 2012, that was still relatively unknown at that time. It sounded like an amazing idea to me, so I started diving into this sharing economy. That was when I found out about Ouishare Fest. Attending this event changed everything for me.

What is your non-sustainable guilty pleasure?

I like meat. Although I try to minimize my intake, I do really enjoy eating it. During POC21 (an international innovation community, that started as an innovation camp), we just ate vegan food for 1 week. That was hard for me. Although it was tasting just fine, I remember how incredibly happy I was with the steak boeuf bbq we had on the last day. Never before did I think that eating meat could make me so happy. Having that said, I am trying to eat it less often than I used to.

What’s your message for other men who want to do good?

Stop being selfish and think about your children’s future. The future of generations (yet) to come.

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