mathys van abbe

Mathys saw problems within the world of charitable organizations and is working on eliminating these problems and helping the organizations forward with his organization Kinder. Like moving away from feeding your guilt and using positive drivers instead.

Mathys van Abbe of Kinder

How do you unf*ck the world, Mathys?

If you want to fix a big problem you need to understand all the stakeholders involved. So get in your helicopter and observe the things that drive them, the things they do great and the things they screw up. Then slowly start to think about the ideal situation and develop a strategy to innovate or disrupt the ecosystem.

I as of 2017 focus on the broken chains within the charitable space. There I see a few trends:

1. People don’t trust charitable organisations anymore although more and more the next generations are looking for purpose.

2. People find it really hard to choose because they are bombarded with bad news all day.

3. Charities are struggling with fundraising and spend so much time on this instead of being focussed on the impact of their organization.

4. Charities with the best intentions to do good can often do good better.

With my social enterprise 'Kinder' we are fixing all these problems. Based on our academic vetting framework, we research charities on their organizational competence. we benchmark the data and do two things with the results:

1. We empower global concerned citizens and brands to contribute effectively to a kinder world.

2. We lift the charitable ecosystem by feeding the data back to the researched organizations and help them improve.

In the long run helping people make more effective donations and lifestyle choices, and helping organizations becoming more impact-driven.

Great work you do with Kinder, what is the biggest impact you've reached/ made so far?

Although we are not officially launched yet, many corporate foundations, brands and consultancy firms want to use our data, and already twenty charitable organizations are using their own benchmarked results to improve themselves.

If you want to fix a big problem you need to understand all the stakeholders involved.

What was your personal motivation to start this business?

My motivation was the combination of personal frustrations with the sector and the learning from sponsoring over forty charitable organizations with my other company (Tag The Love). The way charities all use the same tricks to raise funds makes me mad. They feed your guilt when the sign you up and when you try to leave, instead of using positive drivers to let you engage with them and their cause. But most importantly, because the lack of accountability, they are not driven to impact and internal improvements. They can get away with bad decisions and mediocre results, simply because they live of gifted funds.

How do you unf*ck things on a personal level?

I ofter prefer conflicts over keeping peace and harmony. Sometimes break the vase instead of glueing it together again. But to unf*ck things I, again, try to look at the situation from all perspectives and then try to come up with compelling arguments to win... or if that is not an option come to a good compromise for all the people involved ;)

Which super heroes do you think we need to unf*ck things a little faster?

We need Robin Hoods. Who render old powers inefficient and replace these with new planet positive currencies.

What is your guilty unsustainable pleasure?

Me and my family have cut down on meat consumption very rigorously, but once a month I can’t resist ordering Spare Ribs.