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Max is our first official ambassador. Hurray! This incredibly good looking multi talent does not only bring joy to the eyes, so he does to the ears with his music. On top of that he skates, surfs and is looking to inspire his audience to live more consciously. Enough reason to read on and learn more about this Amsterdam based 'dude who does good'.

Max with his Wasteboard skateboard - Photo by Nikki Schuurman Photography

So, who is Max?

People could see me as a Performing Artist, Songwriter, Music Industry Professional, Skateboarder/Surfer and a Lifer. A “Lifer” in my eyes is someone who chases their dreams and holds on to them no matter what happens. I am a very ambitious person who believes that anyone can achieve anything, as long as you stay down to earth, humble and open for other people and experiences to learn from. The last couple of years I’ve been working very hard to develop my own brand, using platforms like Instagram to tell a story and take my followers along my musical and professional journey. I hope that I can inspire people with my lifestyle and my passions. It’s also very important to me to let people know that everyone can be exactly who they want to be. Next to having my own company in the music industry I am still studying. I am currently in the 3rd year of my Bachelor International Music Management.

It breaks my heart to see how we, as the human race, treat our planet. that’s the biggest reason why I want to start joining forces with brands like turtles&trees

What made you want to become a turtles&trees ambassador?

Now, after a couple of years of working very hard to build up a career in the creative industry, I realized that it’s time to take my personal brand, my voice, my stage, my audience and use it to address issues that are important to me. I’ve always been attracted and fascinated by nature, the sea, the woods, the dunes... I can’t live without them and my respect to mother nature goes a long way. This is also why a lot of my music is inspired by nature and why I use it a lot as a theme in my songs. It breaks my heart to see how we, as the human race, treat our planet. That’s the biggest reason why I want to start joining forces with brands like turtles&trees, to inspire people about that there are many choices you can make and that there are alternatives to (for example) fast fashion. I want to show people that you can do good things in a badass way!

Photo by Rachel Ecckestone Photography

How do you unfuck the world?

This question really helps me to start looking at myself in a critical way; So, Max what the hell are you doing to Unfuck the world? Well, first and foremost I believe that you first need to have a solid ground beneath your feet in order to start unfucking something else. First unfuck yourself before you can unfuck the world. I highly believe that unfucking the world starts with the little things like picking up plastic when you’re walking on the beach (or wherever you walk) and act when you see other people throwing things on the ground or into water. This summer I used my stage, the time during my performances on festivals and during my tour to address people to start acting in these small but powerful ways. I tell my audience to start acting in small ways and that every small action can make a big difference. Don’t throw things on the ground or in the water, be aware of the consequences of your actions and start doing things on an individual basis that can make a change on a local level. Start small but dream big. It all starts with awareness; I think that the reason the world is not acting hard enough on important issues is simply because so many people in the world are not aware enough…

Max and Max

What is your dream for the future?

So, if you’ve read the previous question it is obvious that there is a lot more that I can do to unfuck the world. But there are plans to make this happen. I just launched a new project with my best friend, my brother from another mother, my soulmate, which is called “The Pirate Brothers”. His name is also Max and he is an Environmental Designer who creates products that stimulate the nature around these products. We are both skateboarders/ surfers/ musicians and we share the same passion and love for nature. Our dream is the following: we want to have a van that functions as a riding stage but also as a workplace where we can create products from collected plastic during a beach clean up for example. We want to use music/ art and extreme sports to address and attack these important issues.

One of the concepts that we are working on is a beach clean-up concert. We organize a beach-cleanup and everybody that signs up and volunteers gets a ticket to a private concert and me and the other Max will make small souvenirs from all the collected plastic from the clean-up. This is one of the concepts that we’re working on. My overall dream is to join forces with brands/ artists and other organizations to stimulate positive change on a local and international level and inspire people to start acting on urging issues. I want to use my love and passion for art/ music and extreme sports to connect with people all over the world and spread awareness to make change happen.

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