want to rock your old tee, jeans jacket, bag or what ever other piece for longer but give it a new face? throw a patch onto it!

"biodiversity is the new rock 'n roll"

all the animals you see are keystone species. animals that have more importance in their ecosystems than some other species. you see: an elephant, bees, hummingbirds, a wolf, a jaguar, a shark, different types of flowers, and starfish. starfish were the first keystone species to be recognized as such. the human skull is a symbol for our dependency on these species and the greater ecosystems in general. we are part of these chains.



from every product sold we donate an amount to NGO The Pollinators, who work towards improving local ecosystems and biodiversity.

rock the patch

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    • 8x8 cm
    • without glue, old school stitchin'!
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